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Meet the Team



Registered Dental Assistant and Preschool Program Coordinator


I love watching our young patients overcome their fear of seeing the dentist and arrive with big smiles. It’s fun to watch children’s excitement as they learn about their smile’s health and see them take control of their oral hygiene.

I wear two hats in our office. As a dental assistant, I clean teeth, floss, and apply fluoride. I also help the doctors during procedures. But I’m in change of our preschool program, too. In the program, we teach children about home dental hygiene as well as proper nutrition and healthy habits. We have “goody bags” for the kids, and sometimes the Tooth Fairy comes along!


Financial Coordinator


I, along with Dr. Ryan, Dr. Dan, and the rest of our team, have the same goal: making our kids and their parents happy! We want everyone to feel welcome and at home during their visits. It’s important for children to learn that seeing the dentist is fun, so they become excited about caring for their smile.

I am our financial coordinator. I work closely with parents to find financial terms that work with their budget. I also help parents understand and get the most from their dental insurance, and handle accounts receivable. Sometimes I work in our clinic as a dental assistant, too. I love being surrounded by kids’ laughter and smiles!


Practice Administrator


I love being part of an incredible group of people who work hard to help children become confident and proud of their smiles. It’s so rewarding to see children realize the importance of good oral hygiene and become enthusiastic about their home care.

I handle the day-to-day running of our practice. I oversee the doctors’ credentialing, payroll, project management, treatment planning, and surgery scheduling. I’m also in charge of patient relations: I want our patients and families to understand the child’s oral health and make educated decisions. Seeing patients “graduate” to adult dentists, with healthy and beautiful smiles, makes me happy.


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant


I really enjoy teaching kids that dentistry is not scary; I want them to feel comfortable in the office and be excited about visiting. We provide painless, patient-centered care that’s customized to the child’s physical and emotional needs. Watching a boy or girl grow up with an appreciation for oral health and a commitment to caring for it — for life — is incredibly rewarding.

I help patients during visits. I take X-rays, clean teeth, and teach kids and parents about home dental hygiene. I also provide chairside assistance to Dr. Ryan and Dr. Dan: helping them while making sure our patient is comfortable and relaxed. At the end of a procedure, I explain home care and make sure our patient and parents are happy with everything.


Treatment Coordinator/Surgery Scheduler

Working with kids is the best; you never know what they are going to say! I work with many of our new patients, going over treatment plans and estimates with parents, scheduling necessary appointments, and making sure all questions regarding care are answered, which is where my experience and training in dental assisting is very useful!

I am a wife and proud mother of three children. When I’m not in the office I enjoy watching my kids play soccer and cruising.


Front Office

I work in our front office where I coordinate our patients’ insurance coverage, work on marketing, and do anything else needed to make the practice a success. The children are the best part of my job. I love to see their smiles! We’re a family-oriented team, made up of people who are passionate about children. It’s wonderful to come to the office every day and know you’re making a difference!

At home, I have one child and love spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy being outdoors.

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